Viktrs generates new revenue for artists and richer interactions with fans. 

experience a new era in music video

What we do

Viktrs activates the value currently missed by existing music video platforms and sends these revenues to the artists and rights holders who created them. 


We enable rich and genuine fan interactions in artists’ videos and activate data insights, philanthropic and eCommerce opportunities, making it possible to monetise this content. 


We are passionate about both artists’ work and fans’ enjoyment. We keep the video viewing experience pure and uninterrupted, while enabling fans to discover the products, creators and inspirations behind music videos.


Artist First
Video First
Discovery First

what the industry is saying

Paul Pacifico, CEO of the Association of  Independent Music

“Many artists never receive a true reflection of the value of the cultural impact they create.

ViKTRS is setting out to try to help solve this in quantifying the added value of artists’ creativity on communities across music, culture and fashion, which we hope will enable artists & their partners generate rewards that match their real impact.”  

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