Music videos,  reimagined  

Viktrs was founded in London in 2019 as a way to enhance music videos to elevate the way artists monetise and drive engagement from their video content.

We see a world where artists receive a true reflection of the cultural and commercial impact they create, and where fans can feel more connected to their favourite artists.

We are artist first. 

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Screenshot 2021-12-13 at 09.30.12.png

About us. 

We have created a unique technical solution that allows everything within a video to be discoverable and all products to be shopped, elevating the way artists monetise and drive engagement from their video content. By giving audiences a richer video viewing experience, we provide artists with the opportunity to create new revenue streams, partnership opportunities, and to generate ethical insights. 


By allowing audiences to discover, shop and share their favourite videos, we are generating new revenue streams and opportunities to connect for artists.


We’re bringing a new gold standard of ethical data and insight to the music industry and providing artists with their fair share. 


With Viktrs, you can go behind the scenes of your favourite videos and get closer to your favourite artists, creators and brands. 

Meet the team. 

We are a diverse, international team united by our love of music and a common ambition to return value to the creator community. 


In our advisory team, we are very fortunate to have the support, advice and experience of senior people from Google, UK Official Chart Co. and the unique music world experience and network obtained from managing ‘the artist formerly know as Prince’ for a decade. 

Core team



Awards and recognition. 

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Identified as 'One to Watch as part of CreaTech by the Creative Industries Council. 

Winner of the Digital TV Group's TV Transformers Award 2021, described as "the future of digital TV."

Included in Music Ally's list of '60 Start-ups to Watch' as part of their report focusing on music and technology.