unlock  the dormant  value  within music videos.

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get to know your fans by giving them a new route to discover and explore. real time, ethical insights provide you with the information you need to develop your brand and strike  better deals, while shining a spotlight on the creative community that brought your video to life and the causes you are passionate about. 

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Many artists never receive a true reflection of the value of the cultural impact they create.

viktrs is setting out to try to help solve this in quantifying the added value of artists’ creativity on communities across music, culture and fashion, which we hope will enable artists & their partners generate rewards that match their real impact.


Paul Pacifico

CEO, Association of Independent Music

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be rewarded for the impact you're already creating and transform your videos into highly profitable digital assets with viktrs

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as well as highlighting brands, the creative community and your inspirations we generate real time audience interaction & insights, over and above simple views & impressions 

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satisfy your fans curiosity by allowing direct connection, shopping and sharing, whilst building a meaningful relationship with them through your viktrs enabled videos



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there's a better,  fairer  way. 

how it works.

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