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music videos,

 reimagined .

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we are reimagining music videos to be the richest  form of video content and a highly profitable digital asset, allowing artists to turn up the value of their videos.

we want artists to receive a true reflection of the cultural and commercial impact they create.

the tool provides artists with the opportunity to create new partnership opportunities, generate more ethical  audience insight & interaction than ever before. we focus on ensuring that artists receive fair and transparent revenue.

our approach.

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turn  value  up. 

by allowing you to discover, shop and share your favourite videos, we are generating new revenue streams and opportunities to connect for artists, and giving you more. 

turn  transparency  up. 

we’re bringing a new gold standard of ethical data and insight to the music industry and providing artists with their fair share. 

turn  connection  up. 

with viktrs, you can go behind the scenes of your favourite videos and get closer to your favourite artists, creators and brands. 


awards & industry recognition.

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