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Black Elvis Yin Yang Badge.png


Throughout their career, BlackElvis began to make their presence widely known, primarily through their wild live performances having gained a sparse fanbase when their music previously reached international shores, gaining airplay in South Africa, France, Florida and Australia.


Having previously received support from definitive names within the music industry such as John Rivers and Kiran Sharma; Levi, Josh, Andy and Ben are a dedicated family of like minded musicians thrive off of the consistent love they receive from their brothers and sisters supporting them, who never fail to turn any venue into a cauldron of excitement - “It allows us to better understand who we are and the people around us”. 


Now, once again they’re on a mission to spread the importance of strength, unity and love through their unique blend of electronic and traditional rock instrumentation and very simply - broadcast that message “as far as we can”  for the rest of the world to hear.

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