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Viktrs is revolutionizing the video streaming landscape with an innovative, experiential, and highly lucrative alternative to traditional advertising and subscription models.

We have transformed video from a passive viewing experience into an immersive, participatory journey, where curiosity is solved in real-time, empowering audiences to engage and discover what they love.

Through our cutting-edge technology, we capture and measure audience interactions with products, places, people, events, and inspirations within videos, generating a wealth of ethical insights data and unlocking new revenue streams for content owners, brands, and media agencies.

Our dual SaaS approach enables Viktrs to monetize our invaluable video engagement data insights, leveraging clicks (CPCs) and commissions from eCommerce. Our SaaS model is already live, and through 15 successful pilot projects, we have demonstrated our ability to deliver a staggering 150 times more revenue per view compared to legacy streaming platforms relying on advertising.


Global investors

Investors from all over the globe are welcome to invest in Viktrs. However, if you are based in the United Kingdom can invest directly and get the benefit of EIS tax breaks. 

If you would like to invest please get in touch NOW thought the form below or email our CEO, Mark Bamford at

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